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HW #3: Death of a Loyalist Soldier

Robert Capa took photos from the GI landing on D-Day, at the risk of his own life. I personally do not find Whelan’s argument convincing for simple reasons. The fact that Capa put his life on the line for photos … Continue reading

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Alexander Mohabir: Coffee or Food?

If I had a choice of food or coffee it would depend. If it was my favorite drink from Starbucks or not. I love both coffee and food but I think I’d end up picking  food after it all. From … Continue reading

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Alexander Mohabir HW#1

Banning someone from taking a selfie is taking away someones right to expression. Everyone expresses their-selves differently and one way great things are created from expression is via art, taking pictures is art. It doesn’t matter if you are good … Continue reading

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