Howard Goldspiel: Coffee or Food?

If I was a man on death row, and I was given the options of having a cup of coffee or my preferred last meal before my execution, I would chose my last meal. There is no question that I would chose food over coffee any day. As I merge into adulthood, I hear rumors of how coffee will be a must part of my morning routine. Instead I’m finding that energy drinks are my preference to caffeine over coffee.

But if I were a civil war solider in 1864, I would chose coffee over food. It is fasinating how important coffee was to these soldiers. It was almost a tradition to have a drink before your battles began and one after. Having a drink before was almost a last blessing that if I didn’t make it through the night, at least I had one last plessure. And if I were to make it through the night I would celebrate with a cup of coffee with my fellow comrades. Coffee became a coping mechanism to those who couldn’t handle the horrendous life of war. Food during war was very limited. But no matter how limited my meals became, I would always wash down a meal with a good cup of coffee.

Pancakes is food I can’t live without. Sunday’s were my mothers only day off, and I can always remember waking up to her singing while making her famous pancakes. I wish I could always eat pancakes for breakfast, but every Sunday morning is much more special. image

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