Robert Capa’s Photo of the death of a loyalist soldier. Homework #3

Professor, I would like to start by apologizing for my tardiness. I may not get any credit for this, but any would be appreciated. Upon reviewing the photo and Capa’s explanation for authenticity, I have come to my own conclusion that it was staged. I am aware of the importance of the public believing in its truth and that is most of the reason why it was taken in the first place. At this time people needed to feel closeness to what was happening where they couldn’t be but were still very emotionally invested. This photo helped family members of soldiers and Americans country-wide gain a vague understanding of how serious things can get and gave them some sort of peace-of-mind. I believe it was staged because there doesn’t seem to be much going on other than the soldier falling from a alleged gunshot wound. There isn’t the sense of chaos I would expect. Capa also seems to be awfully close and personal with the subject to have take such a clear and direct photo. Personally, if I were photographing someone being shot I would likely be in the process of ducking for cover myself and the timing just seems to be too good for the split second after impact. Either way, staged or not, this photo needed to be provided and used for the propaganda of war.

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