Homework #1: Do we need Selfie-Free Zones?

Russian signage used to ban taking selfies [Russian Ministry of the Interior, via www.sciencealert.com

Russian signage used to ban taking selfies [Russian Ministry of the Interior, via www.sciencealert.com

The pervasiveness of smartphones has led to the selfie becoming the most prolific form of photography in the 21st century. With the rise of social media such as Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, it is increasingly easy to post self-portraits on the Internet. In the first year of Google Photos’ launch (2015-2016), Google stored 24 billion selfies!

The drive to produce selfies has even resulted in untimely deaths for picture-takers. Read this article on how some places are beginning to ban taking selfies. Click here for a link to the BBC article, “The dangerous art of the ultimate selfie.”

Do you think it’s time to create selfie-free spaces? or impose restrictions on where you can take selfies? Please write and submit a short 100-word post to share your thoughts on a selfie-free zone with your classmates.

This homework is DUE by Thursday, September 22, midnight.

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4 Responses to Homework #1: Do we need Selfie-Free Zones?

  1. James Li says:

    It should be some selfie restrictions while taking a selfie near a marked dangerous zone. A certain group of people are usually chosen to ignore the warning sigh, because they just want experience that exciting moment while taking a selfie and pose it on their social media. Eventually, that is one life gone or harm. Hence, do we need to create selfie-free zones? Yes, it is time to create selfie-free zones! There should be selfie-free zones near those scenic spots because some people are just lack of dangerous awareness while taking a selfie and people have to take their responsibility for their life.

  2. djmmkumar says:

    Selfie restrictions to me seems to be nonsense. In New York its part of the culture and tourism. This how we express ourselves and let the world knows what is going on in our lives. the right to take selfies is more than just art, it is a right of free speech. To put restrictions on selfies is to put restrictions on free speech. Honestly PSA announcements and perhaps commercials and other such WARNINGS are all that is needed. Being aware of surrounding is all the people need to do. Not some silly ban selfies. People in general take selfies everywhere so really how would you even justified where a “safe” selfie location would be.

  3. Alex Mohabir says:

    Banning someone from taking a selfie is taking away someones right to expression. Everyone expresses their-selves differently and one way great things are created from expression is via art, taking pictures is art. It doesn’t matter if you are good at it or not if its something you enjoy. Yes people need to be more self-aware; like not crossing the street and texting, taking a selfie in a dangerous situation, snapchatting and driving, texting and driving. I however do understand why people want to ban/restrict certain things like selfies but it is unjustly to punish the majority of people for the incompetence of small portion of people who do things that aren’t that bright.

  4. To ban selfie taking is absolutely ridiculous. There should not be any sort of selfie restrictions anywhere. Everyone has the right to take their own self-portraits. It is true that there have been many deaths due to insane locations for taking selfies, but that doesn’t mean you should restrict them. People just have to be more conscious with their surroundings, or simply not take photos with or near dangerous materials. What’s the point of buying a mobile device with a front camera if you’re going to be restricted from using it in certain locations? Of course i do understand why people are considering in making these sort of restrictions. People just need to be more safe with what they are doing. They just have to pay attention to everything around them. #studentHW

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