Homework #1 Cell And Photography

Hello, My Name is Mohammed M Hossain. I’m a sophomore in City Tech College of Technology. Currently, I’m doing Associate in Computer Science. May be in the Future I might change my major to Applied Math after I graduate.
Basically, the youtube video and the article demonstrate how critical cell phone’s photography become for advertisement and business promotion . Next, I want to let you know that  I really like to take photo of myself and post on instagram, facebook etc. It is actually fun and entertaining if you can take good picture. Throughout the history, technology had an enormous impact on photography. It transforms photography from one level to another level. Back in the day camera would take a long process to get a picture done and you would have to wait long time. It was harder for photographer to a create good picture with their camera.
For us it is really hard to carry a camera with you all the time but having a phone in your pocket which has a camera give you easy access to capture anything we want in our daily life .This is one reason why phone photography is better now. I believe that phone photography is better than camera because it is handy and allow you to capture great images. Within a second you can just take photo of yourself and post on social media quickly and spread it all over the world, which allows you connect with friends and family easily. Overall, with an iphone you can take a better picture but with camera you may not accomplish the same result. I think Smartphone phone photographs is considered as an art. Phone photography is best because you can easily access to camera anytime and anywhere.

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