Homework#1 Cell Phones and Photography-Daisy Dolores

Hello, my name is Daisy Dolores and this is my first semester in college. I am interested in math and art, as to what career that may lead to is up in airs.

Phone Photography is everywhere in today’s society as many of us have access to phones in this day and age. It is simple and fun way to document important events such as birthdays, holidays and other activities. It allows us to share them with as many people as we like. Personally, I like it.

Phone Photography allows us to be creative without wasting more time than is necessary. We take photos on the fly, edit them and can share. Phone Photography is allows people such as artists and writers to be even more creative even if photography is not our medium. A painter would have to sit for hours outside to capture the thing which he or she is painting, not to mention he or she would have to be quick about it, being that in 2 hours the lighting and shadows change. We,(some), use these photos as references for other projects, to analyze and even see things we had not seen the first time around. To capture a moment in time, that is photography.

I would have to disagree with “The iPhone 5 is For Food Photography” video. The thought of the potential being limited to only food photography is absurd, even if that is all one would do with it. The spoof is limited to this one demographic not all. I understand it was a satire on the new changes to Apple phones and to some degree, I do agree with the fact that iPhone’s are getting ridiculously big. I am not a fan of this trend and prefer androids anyway. I digress, creativity comes in many forms, and in the article “Apple Drafts More Everyday People For New Shot on iPhone campaign” one Erin Brooks , stated that it “helped me move out of my postpartum depression”, if it is true that it helped her in some way, then I do believe it is not my place to judge people for what works for them. If it makes them happy, let them be.

While the thought that anyone can take photographs, can seem to many that this is not a art, I believe in the contrary. It is an art.  Where would we be without having the portable access that a phone manages to have? The ability to carry everything on the go is astounding, perhaps we take for granted the rapid pace at which technology evolves. You would most likely not think the pictures you take on your phone is art, art is subjective. It does not have to be pretty or important to everyone and that is fine. If it makes you happy that is enough. It matters to you so it is important, it is your own form of art whether or not you think of it as such. When photography first came out, it was thought of as science and not considered as today, art. Technology is constantly evolving and what we think of today as one thing may not be that in a decade or century from now.

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