Homework #1 Cell Phones and Photography

I think talking pictures on a phone is pretty normal, natural, fun and communicate with others, because in todays almost everybody have their smart phone in hand every where and everyday, even when you go to dinner always phone “eats” first, and why i say communicate with other people? because they can share their feelings when they was taking the picture to others, maybe is a view that they ever seen before, food,emotion… and i think taking pictures on a phone and pictures on camera is two different things, because when you saved the pictures on your phone you can see them anytime,anywhere and when is on the camera, you don’t really use it often.

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  1. Jetienne says:

    I agree with your post. You made a very good point about the pictures being there wherever and whenever you want to see them. I do own both a smart phone and a camera, and I find it a lot easier to relive the past moments much faster and easier with my phone which is not only very light to carry and to fit anywhere, it also can also tell me the details on when and where the picture was taken which makes everything easier.

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