The Falling Soldier

In my opinion I do believe “the falling soldier” photograph taken Robert Capa was staged. Although the picture also makes you think that it might be authentic because in the article written by Richard Whelan says that Federico Borrel Garcia was shot on the head, which is why you see him falling that way. But the reason why I believe it was staged is because; the photo was taken from a perfect angle that shows how the soldier is fallen. For a photograph to be that perfect Robert Capa must had been at the right moment to take that photo, which I believe he wasn’t because during a war I don’t believe you would have a chance to take a photo like this; even more during that time when cameras weren’t advanced as today.  Another reason why I believe this photo was staged is because the article also says that in the morning of that day Robert Capa was staging some photographs that showed the death of soldiers during the war. I do not believe its authenticity matters because Back then these photographers risked their life in order to inform people and in order to capture moments that in some way they became moments to remember by many people who died during the Spanish Civil War.

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