Photographing the Beginning of the Civil Rights Movement

I believe that both photographs are equal in the message they are displaying. During the fifties racism was very present however individuals wanted to put a blind eye to racism and swept it under the rug. The photograph by Robert Frank may have been more effective in some individuals opinions, it tackled a prominent and well known significant sign of racism (sitting African Americans to the back of a bus). The indignant look on the female who is sitting in the second seat gives an unsettling feeling, as if she feels that African Americans should not even be allowed on the same bus as Caucasians. In my opinion Will Count’s photograph contained more emotion, the story behind his photograph can easily be narrated while observing it. Although Hazel’s body language may look simple you can see the tension in her face as she tried to remain calm. The aggression and vile remarks coming out of the Caucasian women’s mouths can be seen also, I can also imagine one of them spitting as Will stated.

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