Response to: Tim Hetherington and Modern-day War Photography

Seeing the trailer, one would have a sense of how intense it can be while in war. Whether it could be fighting in the war, or documenting every event that happens in it. But Herington’s vision was heroic because of making sacrifices in order to let the world what can happen during war or any other violent situations or confrontations, and what happens while being in hiding from being wounded. By letting the world know, we can have a better understanding of what to do to bring peace. The time that Sebastian Unger knew that Tim Herrington’s vision was influential and can be as well to any others, and he also respected him for all his work that he did. Whenever a disaster would be occurring in another part of the world, Herrington would be right there to document what happens no matter how dangerous the surroundings can be. Unger also respected him for how different he was from other photojournalists that would take any risk. But overall, Unger was deeply sorry that his life was cut short tragically when he would’ve want know about him documenting another worldwide disaster, like another war. Unger also simply believed that his vision “was an idea that our world very much needs to understand” with powerful photographs we will end up seeing and understand them more upon viewing and knowing the story.

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