Re:Discussion Topic: Street Art, Photography, and the Inside Out Project in Times Square

I think this Project is an amazing, thoughtful and overall fun exhibition all over the world that shows just how unique people are and that no matter where or who we are we are capable of all he same emotions and expressions. I think the combination of street art and photography is a great combination because both are very impactful. When we think street art we think of graffiti or murals however imagine what it is like to see your face with an expression posted across the side of a building or a park. It can be a new effort in making photography something people are capable of incorporating in their lives even If they just glance at it and smile or stare at it and understand the message. For my community I think expressing how people share the same expressions no matter what race or religion would be a great idea for a project. Because in my community I am right in between sunset park neighborhood and Boro park which creates things to be very segregated it feels almost as if as your walking you can feel the cultures change from Jewish to Chinese to Spanish to Arabic. I think it would be something nice to do to open my community up and express the different cultures uniqueness and the similarities that people can share regardless of who what or where they live.

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