Response to: Street Art, Photography, and the Inside Out Project in Times Square

I believe that it is a good idea combining street art and photography because it creates awareness of how useful a photo camera can be useful in art, and it doesn’t have to be just a sculpture placed somewhere. JR had the right idea of doing these projects at Time Square, the downtown Manhattan area, and Red Hook. The reason being that it shows what kind of races would live around the area or even travelling around. Each person taking their own photography would have different expression of maybe being playful, giving others a sense of their personality and how they would like to have fun and be joyful. An art project like this wouldn’t be such a bad idea for where I live, or it could be for all of Queens in general so that they can be able to contribute. Since Queens can be diverse, it would show what kinds of races and cultures live in the borough. It can provide some enlightenment to people who would see these pictures, depending on where these pictures will be hung. Even JR claimed that everyone “encountered became a potential audience or subject for his lens”. It all depends on how much attention a certain attraction can manage to get.

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