Tim Hetherington and Modern-day War Photography

After watching the trailer Restrepo so many things come to mind, but the first things that I said to my self was, how can people suffer like that just to have some photographs and others just to protect a country. By watching the trailer you see soldiers crying, you can see suffering in their faces, they are counting down the days to go back home.  And In the article Sebastian Junger describes how he thinks Tim Hetherington probably died on his way to the hospital. In the same article he also says that one would never imagine of a place called Misrata but that it was there the whole time and at the end was the place where Tim Hetherington died. By saying this he also says that you would never imagine where you would go and die if you are a soldier or a photographer. He tries to make the reader understand that a photographer will go anywhere and face any danger just to have photographs of a war. These are some of the reasons why I think he had a heroic vision because he knew what he faced, he knew he might die and he still did it. With the trailer Restrepo and his photographs he proves that photographers will go anywhere and face any dangers just to take photographs of a war.

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