Tim Hetherington and Modern-day War Photography

I think Hetherington wants to show how soldiers feel at war and their life. I think people just thought Hetherington wanted to show the patriotic side of people. Although they are are war, they still have many emotions. They are human and will also feel scared and afraid of war. In most movie about U.S soldiers, they are usually shown as patriotic and a hero. They are shown this way because they are fighting for their country. If you die or survive you still become a hero in the eyes of others. I think the movies want to try and make Americans seem as heros. They want people to believe they are heroid for fighting and protecting the country they love. In the photos of the soldiers sleeping, it made them seem like many other people. They have times where they are regular human who also need sleep. Although they are soliders, they are still human who have everyday necessities. Usually war photography makes me think of it as a documentary. Or maybe they want to show the other side of soldiers being emotional also.

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