Announcement: Final Exam, Terminology, Discussion Topic Deadlines

Mind the time, note the deadlines

The short list for the FINAL exam has been posted.  Please look under the “Slide Lists” section of Class Downloads for the Final Short List.  As you prepare for the final, be sure to look over the important names and terminology listed on Slide Lists 5 and 6.

The FINAL EXAM is on Tuesday, May 21st at 10:00 AM.  Please be on time, arrive early! (n.b., it won’t be possible to stay late because another class has a final at 11:30 in the same room)

As we near the end of the semester, the last few Discussion Topics are open for blogging and commenting on until the last day of class.  However, please avoid going back to  earlier topics. I will accept ONE post submitted post-deadline but most late posts won’t count towards your blogging grade.  Therefore, please mind the deadlines noted at the bottom of each Discussion Topic.

Below is a review of the exam format. The Final is NOT cumulative.  The vocabulary terms for the terminology section is listed below!

Part I–Slide Identification: 5 slides, 4 points each

Identify each slide by a) Artist (1 pt), b) Title or subject (1 pt), c) Date (worth ½ pt), and d) Significance (1 1/2 pts — why is this photograph important?)

Part II–Short Answer Questions: 4 questions, 5 points each

Identify the photographer and title for each slide, then answer specific questions related to the photograph (i.e., What photographic movement does this photograph belong to?)

Part III– Slide Comparison Essays: 2 essays, 22 points each

You will be shown two photographs side-by-side. Identify the photographer and title of each work.  I will identify an important art historical issue or problem for the comparison. You should discuss the issue in an essay comparing and contrasting the two slides.  You should make references to material discussed in lectures and readings.  You can refer to other works in order to support a point or observation. Write with clear and concise sentences in essay form.

Part IV–Vocabulary: define 3 terms, 5 points each

Choose only 3 terms to discuss. I will list the following 6 art/photographic movements:
Group f.64
Social Landscape
New Topographics
Pictures Generation

Write a few complete sentences defining the movement and give an example.

Extra Credit (optional)

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