The Greatest War Photograph

The Greatest War Photograph Robert Capa, and his famous photo “Death of a loyalist soldier”, said to be a fake and accused of fakery. In this once photo there is a lot to think about on whether this was staged or not. Truth be told does it really matter whether it was staged or not, isn’t most photographs staged? Aren’t people usually posed or place in position for the shot to seem more dramatic or interesting? This is an interesting shot, i mean the dynamic pose, the action feeling and whole crazy idea of actually catching the moment of death of a solider is highly unlikely in my opinion isn’t it? If you analyze the photo more in depth, you don’t really see a point of penetration of a bullet or any blood, which is a  question in how did this man die? Still how are regular people, citizen suppose to know the actual reaction to a bullet or something in war if we aren’t physical there. Robert Capa did something with this photo something i believe every photographer or artist in general want to do and is portray a message to everyone, and that exactly what happened when this photo was used numerous times in magazine and newpapaers on the killings of these soldiers. That is what is key in this, is the message and the impact it creates to its viewers, whether is or isn’t staged.

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