Respond to:The Greatest War Phototgraph and Robert Capa

Based on Richard Whela’s arguments, I Believed Capa’s photograph is not staged. Whelan analysed the Failing Soldier and found that is truthfulness, and he also proved that Knightley’s arguments were inconsistent. According to Whela’s discovery, the Falling Soldier is a photograph of Federico Borrell Garcia; Captain Robert L. Franks proved the man is already dead at the moment he was captured.  These two points are strongly enough to prove Capa’s photograph is not staged. Robert Capa felt no fear on the battle field and took such a good photograph.  For my point of view, I think its authenticity doesn’t matter because photographers who taking picture on the front line are in danger of losing their life. At this point, we should at least respect their work. In fact, Capa revealed the reality of the war. So many soldiers got shot the way as similar as the one shown in the Falling Soldier. Photography is flexible and creatively. As long as the photography doesn’t causes any trouble such with misleading description. The staged photography is acceptable under such condition.

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