Photography, Tumblr, and Copyright

According to the article, Why Photographers Love Tumblr, I strongly agree that its a great idea to have photographers broadcast their images on Tumblr for everyone to see especially their followers. Tumblr is more of showing still images then posts. It will give the followers much more interest in the images and have the photographers feel very grateful that their images are becoming popular. Copyrighting is a big issue when someone is taking it without the owner’s permission. But in this case, a photographer, Pfluger  suggests that, “Not every single image we make needs to be sacred”. He also said that not every image should be framed in the gallery. That also explains that it is okay to have their images re blogged or reused because they allowed it. Some implications for other social media sites like Pinterest such as, there is a fear that people will use these images and sell them as their own and make money out of it. But it states that “Pfluger uses Tumblr to offer unsigned, non-editioned prints to his followers, something he also used to do when he maintained a blog.” By doing this he earned money for selling each piece.

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  1. sze.h says:

    Hi, I am a student from ENGL 2003: Introduction to Poetry . I agree with the article too because nowadays people don’t like to wait in line or read a blog post that is very long. People want things now and you can do so by showing them an image instead. Even though I don’t have a tumblr, I still like to see what people are posting and blogging images. It also said that Photographer Ryan Pfluger thinks that tumblr is a good way for people to see what kind of pictures he takes and that is important to him.

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