Photography, Tumblr and Copyright

I think that it’s great that we can have access to photographer’s work on sites such as Tumblr. It allows people to experience photography through a social network and see the work of different photographers. Furthermore the issue of copyright is troubling because it makes a person, especially a photographer wonder whether they are getting credit for their work or not. However it is something useful that Tumblr is doing to ensure that photographers have a copyright for their work. In addition I think that if something isn’t meant to be shared then it is best to keep it off a social network like Tumblr. If something is meant to be seen by others and shared with others it should go on the site and if it isn’t then it shouldn’t be published. Overall I think that the issue of copyright is troubling, something can be done, but people are always going to find a way to take credit for something that isn’t theirs.

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