Walker Evan’s Subway Portraits

You can tell Evans main goal was to get a real human expression. To get a look of real emotion. How people are truly feeling and how they would look during a train ride. He would have never gotten the pictures he took, if the people knew he was taking them. So it was a good idea that they didn’t know. The expression people had back then are similar to what we see today. The only difference is now a days, we have technology to entertain ourselves with. Today not everyone looks so bored because we have cellphones, ipads, ipods, e-readers, etc., to enjoy using while on the train. Those technologies change peoples expressions, making look like their enjoying their ride, instead or being looking bored.

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  1. smarte5 says:

    Whats funny is that this is pretty much exactly what I said before in the earlier Walker Evan subway portraits post. Obviously I agree %100 percent because I believe Evans was a creative person with a very unique idea. Bottom line his photographs and as well as the way he took were pure genius.

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