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Old Processes, New Advertising:Bringing The Old to Modern Times

       I think the fact that photographers are going back to taking pictures using the wet-plate collodion process, is definitely nostalgia. This totally makes sense because this process of photography took place in the 1850’s and some people miss that especially … Continue reading

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Announcement: Grading Rubric for Papers

If you’re curious about the criteria used to evaluate your writing assignments, you can download the grading rubric. A PDF of the rubric is available under the “Class Downloads” section above. Please do not hesitate to contact me with any … Continue reading

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Taking Pictures: It’s Something We All Do

Nowadays most people from around the world would take pictures of just about anything they find appealing or eye-catching. Whether it is a place they once visited or a piece of art that they really like, they would definitely want to take … Continue reading

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Old Processes, New Advertising; mixing the old with the new

photography is beautiful and classic and the wet- plate collodion process is such a unique technique that still leaves me in awe. Going back to where photography first was invented this was how the photos were taken and the best … Continue reading

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pictures of pictures: capturing the perfect moments

perfect moments happen to most everyone in this life time. Either one of your family members graduated or someone  just getting married or maybe some one dead. capturing moments with a camera is just like writing in your journal or … Continue reading

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Discussion Topic: Old Processes, New Advertising

Many photographers today are reviving the photographic processes of the Civil War era. A California news article reports on several photographers in San Francisco who are producing photographs with the wet-plate process. Even Louis Vuitton highlights wet-plate photography in his … Continue reading

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Pictures: Keeping A Part of Something

Taking a picture of a picture and just taking of picture in general is something so common today. It’s no surprise to see somebody instantly go through their bag and pull out their camera or walk around with one in … Continue reading

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Pictures of Pictures

In my honest opinion, I believe it is great that people take pictures using devices such as camera phones. This clearly shows another form of expressing an image, mainly to those who have not seen the image or for those … Continue reading

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Discussion Topic: Pictures of Pictures

In a New York Times article, the art critic Roberta Smith notes the increasingly common use of cameras, especially cellphones by viewers when interacting with art. In particular, she discusses the behavior of visitors to the Venice Biennale, an exhibition … Continue reading

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