My Family – Brendan Sigvardsson Cooney

Assignment 1

My Family – Florist, Author, Daughter (9) Chicken Coop

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  1. Susan Mani says:

    Hello Brendan,
    This is Susan Mani, your family architect. I have some question about business we are going to do together. Please answer my questions as soon as possible.
    1)Where is the location of the project site?
    2)What kind of project will this be? New construction or renovation?
    3)What is your project budget?
    4)What is your time frame and schedule?
    5)I saw you are a family of three, do you plan on expanding the family?
    6)Do you or your wife work from home?
    7)I saw she is an author does she wish to have a small library at home? or any special place to write?
    8)How your daughter commuting to school?
    9)What are the family interests?
    10)Do you travel often?
    11)Do you entertain a lot at home?
    12)I saw that you want me to design a chicken scoop as well, so how many chickens do you have? And are you willing to expand your chickens?
    13)You are a florist, do you wish to have a patio at home?
    14)Do you like to have more sunshine at home or not?
    15)Is it possible to have someone living with you in the future?
    16)Are there any special conditions regarding your family that we should take into consideration?
    17)Are there any special program requirements unique to you?

  2. Brendan says:

    Hello Susan,

    Nice to hear from you, I will gladly answer your questions.

    1. The location of the project site is in the DUMBO section of Brooklyn on the corner of Atlantic Ave. and Furman St.

    2. This will be a new construction, a new home for my family and me.

    3. At the moment the project budget depends on certain financial backing but will ultimately lie in the $600,000 too $1,000,000 range.

    4. Ideally construction should begin in 2 months.

    5. It is possible that we may have another child, but no more than one.

    6. Yes, my wife works from and will require a study. Although I generally do not work from home, I will require a work space.

    7. As I said she will require a study to conduct her work, and yes, we currently maintain a small library at our current residence that we plan to move with us.

    8. My wife drives our daughter to school, Ideally we would have a garage to store our car in order to avoid the hassle of parking on the street.

    9. As a family we enjoy the outdoors immensely, florist by profession I thoroughly enjoy to be in the garden. As you know, we also raise chickens for fresh eggs so an outdoor space is a definite requirement. My wife and I are OK with the notion of sacrificing interior space for more outdoor space. Perhaps we can come up with a creative solution to this. In an ideal world we would all live out in the country on a farm, however our jobs require us to be in the city. In addition my daughter has shown quite an interest in music and she’s very talented, perhaps a music room should be considered.

    10. No, we don’t travel too often but we try to take the time each year for the typical family vacation.

    11. We do, or at least we would like to more in our new home. a large living space for entertaining that maintains a coziness would be ideal.

    12. Yes! This is a permanent fixture to our family. currently we have a coop that is a stand alone structure in the backyard. With this home I imagine something attached to the house that maintains the same style and design elements as the house itself. We have 8 chickens, I don’t think we should need any more, but maybe a goat.

    13. A patio is always a nice feature to home in my opinion, but when it comes to my passion it is being in the garden. I would opt for a large garden rather than anything else, perhaps we can incorporate both.

    14. Yes, natural light is a big plus, My wife still types on a typewriter and would especially enjoy a study with plenty of sunlight.

    15. It is a definite possibility, our extended family is scattered all over the country and at times they do stay with us.

    16. Nothing comes to mind, happy and healthy.

    17. Yes, as I’ve stated, I require a workshop for my floral designs and gardening, my wife requires a study and library space and my daughter requires a music room. In addition a small hot sauna would be a luxury and if we can swing it would be a great feature to the home.

  3. Brendan,
    It would be nice to add a descriptive paragraph of your family to the board.

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