Design Submission Instructions

Please post the following on blackboard  for each of your designs:

Please be certain you name your files properly.  Include your name and the content of the file. You should include things that you have posted before on OpenLab.

Inventory and Analysis – (Posted in assignment 2.01)

If you worked on this as a team please add the names of each of those who worked on it in the posting.  Include an MS Word document that lists each team member and the work each of you did.  This will be posted separately from your design submission.

Design Submission – (Posted in assignment 2.02)

You need to include everything you did this semester in chronological order as a PDF.  If the PDF becomes too large to upload break it down into a series of sequentially numbered PDF’s -01, -02 as needed.

You can divide it up into the following categories:

– Original Design Sketch Models – the entire series

– Early Design Sketches – you should include options you in the end may not have been part of your final design.

Final Drawings

Final Model – take photographs of the final model and include these in a pdf.  Models were are requirement of our presentation.  If you did not build one do it now as it will affect your grade.

Animations – I have most of these but please bring a copy of all your project videos to our next class.  Include all of those which you presented during the semester (not just the final from last week).  As these are likely too large to post please bring me a final copy for grading.

I have set the deadline for 11:59 this Tuesday.

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