Family(Actor,Chef and Two Boy)

1.01 My Family Actor and Chef Family

1.02 Client Q&A 1.03 Family Program 1.04 Family Matrix 1.05 Bubble Diagram

My Name is MuJun Chen

My Contact Information are: 347 619 3881


Family individual background can be found by click the Link in the PDF.


1.01 My Family 1.02 Client Q&A 1.03 Family Program 1.04 Family Matrix 1.05 Bubble Diagram




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  1. Jaeyoung says:

    Hello Mujun,
    My name is Jaeyoung and I will be your architect for your new house.
    Please answer few questions that I prepare to understand your family and expectations for your new house.

    1. Seems like you are very familiar to me. Please describe about your family in a short sentences. Such as name of your family members, their ages, occupations, and etc.

    2. Do you have any plan of budget for your new house? Any limits?

    3. How often does your family spend times together at home? Any specific day or time?

    4. Are there any special programs or spaces does your family expecting to have in new house? Such as good kitchen, roof garden, outdoor terrace, backyard?

    5. Do you have any buildings, styles, or designs that you want to adopt in your new house? Such as a big window you saw in some magazine, stairs, colors, or etc.

    6. Does your family willing to have more of open spaces that inter-locks spaces to spaces? Or, prefer more private spaces?

    7. What is your and your family’s main transportation? Will you need any garage or parking space?

    8. What is your opinion about the “green sustainable building”? Would you like to have some features in your new house design?

    9. Are there any visitors or family visiting periodically? How often do you, and your family, invite guests?

    10. How long are you planning to live in this new house?

    11.Thank you.

  2. Mujun says:

    Greeting. Jaeyoung,

    Thank you for your questions, please feel free to ask more questions.


    MuJun Chen

    1. Family member description are:
    Dad – Keanu Levi – Age 49 – Movie Actor – Huge Fan of Technologies.
    Mom – Chana Levi – Age 33 – Dessert Chef – Enjoy Reading out in nature.
    Boy1 – Kish Levi – Age 11 – Foil Fencer – Love Sports (home gym for practice).
    Boy2 – Kimi Levi – Age 7 – Boy Model – Love Watching Movies and Singing.

    2. The Family see this new home as their life-style investment. 0.8 Million.

    3. Keanu are always home if no movie contract. Chana owns a sweetshop few block away, home with keanu most of the time. Kish goes to school and fencing practice after, Kimi is not planing to take any after school program yet. Entire Family are home from 5PM – 8AM.

    4. Yes, All example you have mentioned is needed. and please add a home entertain room and mini-gym for the Family. Chana need a home office. kish would like to invite his teammate to practice at home sometime. keanu need a room to practice acting skill.

    5. Biophilia design. the less is better.

    6. Chana like to watch over her kids. so more open spaces with no visual block will be ideal. Environmental friendly construction material.

    7. Car is Family’s main transportation. chana walk to her store from home, kish bike to school. keanu drive kimi to school.

    8. The family is all about green sustainable building. would love to have as many feature as possible in the new house design.

    9. Business partner and social friend will visit on a daily basics. Family or Friends Gathering party on weekend. Chana love to invite guest and serve them a nice treat of desserts. Please leave two guest room for special instant.

    10. The Family is Planning to live here for over 25 years.

  3. Please rework your board – it’s too simple. Add additional images and a descriptive paragraph the tells us more about your family. Work on overall composition and graphics.

  4. Orrala says:

    Cool content you’ve there.

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