Family of Four- Photographer, Entomologist, Girl age 7, Boy age 1

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  1. Victor Urias says:

    Victor urias
    Cell: 347-285-8067

  2. Davil says:

    1. Our current home does not have enough space to have a room for our one year old boy. Our 7 year old girl is growing quick and is much more active now so she might need her own room to play and sleep. And it would be nice to have rooms specific to our jobs.

    2. One room for each child, a larger room for our active daughter and maybe an area with a view and natural sunlight for reading etc.
    Space like a hallway or walkway with natural light to display the best photographs over the years as a photographer, a central area for a family tree wall in maybe the living room. One studio for photography and one bright room with minimum natural light for an insect display and to avoid too much heat, light etc. We don’t need a state of the art kitchen but not too small to accompany guests. we do plan on having barbeques In the backyard, maybe a pool area

    3. The photographer does very Well income wise and the entomologist does a little better than average and both do more than Well enough to support both kids as Well as add in special rooms.

    4. As long as it’s warm but not too humid, to maintain the bugs from being damaged unless the rooms are very controlled weather wise. An area that has fair weather, not cloudy or too windy with convenience of a big backyard, quick trip to schools nearby.

    5. We use the living room the most, the bedroom not as much compared to the kids who use them most of the time if not outside. utility room would be beneficial for supplies, bug and photography equipment, etc.

    6. No place specific. Away from the city but not away from society. Neighbors are not necessary. A healthy place with trees, fresh air, a place with good weather but not too hot, maybe shade could come into play.

    7. Whatever you think is best but we we’re thinking maybe a design based on the contrast between light and dark with one of us needing light and the other needing closed space to preserve the insect display and some kind of meeting at the middle . Or maybe a design that tells the story of our lives (like still pictures) from newborn like our son to old age or our occupancies could come into play. Maybe an open vs closed design

    8. For the entomologist, she’s very green and is interested in natural or alternate forms of energy. The photographer is only interested in great lighting in at least half the house.

    9. Definitely separate rooms for the children because of age difference and different gender. Larger room for our active daughter and something that could accompany the boy for when he’s older or brings friends over. We plan on moving after they move out.

    10. Simplicity, with a modern take and interesting views and lighting, light colors. Maybe use color such as black and white to display contrast with the light and dark. Or open and closed with glass mainly pertaining to one side by the living room and public spaces.

    I hope this covered all you need, if you have any more questions just let me know.


    Hey these are the questions for the family.

    1. What do you like about your current home? What do you not like?
    2. What specific rooms do you need aside from the usuals?
    3. What is your budget for the home?
    4. Do you have a site for your new home?
    5. How much time do you spend in the living areas, bedroom, kitchen, utility space etc.?
    6. If you are thinking of building a home, do you have a site selected?
    7. What are your design preferences?
    8. Is sustainable development and increased energy effciency of importance to you?
    9. Would you want seperate room for your childrens?
    10. What would you want the main material to be showcased for your house?

  3. Please rework your board. Add additional images and a descriptive paragraph that better sense of who your family is. Work on overall graphics and composition.

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