Family of 4 and 1 Dog.


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  1. Please add your 11 x 17 board

  2. nikitha says:

    Hi my name Nikitha Menon and I’ll be designing for your family. Can you please answer some question i have for you.

    1. Are you planning on having more kids?

    2.Do you usually have guests?

    3.Which part of the house would be most important to you?

    4.Any specific dislikes? Design,color etc.

    5.Do you need your own room for workspace?

    6.What is your budget?

    7.Should there be a room with a special purpose? gym etc.

    8. What is your form of transportation?

    9.How long do you plan on living here?

    10.Do you prefer natural light?

    • OrionMarsh says:

      Dear Ms. Menon,
      The answers to your questions are as follows respectively. To have an initial amount of 3 bedrooms would be nice but a fourth bedroom would be great as well because that answer is unknown at the moment. Yes mostly for holiday events we have guests but at most times its just the immediate family. That is a difficult question to answer but with the sense of family in mind, I will have go to with the entertainment room. I want the house to feel warm with bright spaces but dark marble tile used in the appropriate places will be cool as well. This house should be designed to represent the bridge between pre-modern and contemporary architecture. Please excuse us as we like experimenting with different architectural styles. Please do not create a glass house. Yes a private office will be fine. We have a budget of $700,000.00. The house should have a play room for the kids, a storage, and a mini workout area. Our family has 2 cars and would like a garage that can house both as we do take public transportation 60% of the time. Our plan is to live in this house roughly until the kids are able to be independent. Yes please include lots of natural light but again only in the right places as we do not want a 90% house of glass. We are generally a simple easy going family so I don’t foresee any major conflict on our part. We are definitely open to your suggestions, comments and questions.

  3. Please consider reworking and resubmitting your family board. Include multiple images and a descriptive paragraph that provides more details about your family. Work on your overall graphic composition, use of color, etc.

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