My Family: Opera Singer, Violinist, Father-in-law, Boy (7)



Above: Second Submission Family Board


Second Submittion

Above: Frist Submission Family Board

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  1. OrionMarsh says:

    Dear Jennifer Valerio,
    My name is Orion Marsh and I will be your family’s architect for the design of your new home. Please answer my following 10 questions as they will be used to further assess how I should start the design of this project.

    1. Most people know exactly what they believe their dream home should be. So please elaborate and tell me what are your personal visions of your new home?

    2. Would you like your home to provide many views or is your family the type to be very reserved?

    3. Does your family usually invite guests over?

    4. Is your family the type to cook a lot of family meals large or small? Do you go out instead for many of your day to day meals?

    5. How would you want the spaces of your home to feel? For example bright or warm or bland and dull etc.?

    6. What do you like to see when you first enter your home?

    7. Are there any issues with your current home, if so please enlighten me.

    8. As I am aware that there are two musicians expected to live in this house, please let me know if you are planning on having a studio room for your continuing rehearsals? And where should this room be located?

    9. What is your expected time frame for the completion of this project?

    10. Last but not least, what is your proposed budget?

  2. Hello Orion,

    Thank you for you questions, please feel free to ask more questions.


    1. The family sees the house designed like a theater and a violin. They want to see the nature as much as they can since there busy days in the city doesn’t give them much time to travel together. They like the heights and the multi-levels that stages and theaters offer but must be designed around accommodating disability problems for the future.

    2. The family is a mixture of both. They like views but we don’t want rooms/windows facing high traffic areas. They would prefer windows to be facing nature and sky. But they would like no less than 2 windows in the bed rooms.

    3. Yes, they have a big family. Ridley and her father Marlen are from Russia and have family coming to stay with them from time to time. They would prefer to accommodate their guests in their home. Ridley and Dyson also like to entertain friends as well as family and Dyson and Marlen often host play dates for their son Kaleb. So the house always has people coming and going. For Kaleb we would like open space for him to enjoy and explore.

    4. Because they are a very active family with many people around them they are the type to have food in the house and would often have big meals it is essential that the kitchen works efficient (organization is key) the family would prefer to have room in the kitchen for people to interact for small dinner parties with friends about (4-6) but would like the most interaction elsewhere and it has to be easily accessible to the kitchen but it can separate.

    5. Comfortable and unique. They are not afraid to takes chances with colors and designs. The stage is something that they both share. They really want unique features that resembles the stage but that isn’t literal. They love the sense of change of lighting from light to dark-dramatic.

    6. A unique, whimsical stair case. Something that is its own center piece but it must be safe for Kaleb and Marlen. Marlen is always at home with Kaleb and as of now there is no immediate need for disability accessibility, but they would like to design the house to address these concerns. If your going to add a ramp for wheelchair they would like it would with the design of the house.

    7. The current home is a 2 bedroom, 1 bathroom apartment. They have taken over part of the living room to create a bedroom for Kaleb. They need space for each family member and guests. Need space for Kaleb to study and play. They would like to keep bedrooms and entertainment area separate. To much clutter and no area to play music and entertain. Must have a powder room for guests.

    8. The studio will be shared. It will be used one artist at a time when practicing for performance since Ridley is usually practices with her cast at work in the City, Dyson is usually recording in the studio. But the studio must accommodate both artist, big enough to have minimum 4 people at once. Storage of a few instruments must be kept here. This room has to be accessible to the main house but noise can not come in or out of it during recording hours. (Note: Son Kaleb is interested in music as well may come in only accompanied by an adult : Cant be so easily accessed to children)

    9. About 12-18 months.

    10. The budget is $900,000- $1.1 million but would like to stay around $850,000- $900,00.

  3. It would be nice if you could add a descriptive paragraph about your family on the board.

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