Scavenger Hunt Grading is Available for the Wed-Friday Class – See Blackboard

Scavenger Hunt #1 and #2 have been graded.  Below you will see statistics showing where your grades stand relative to your classmates.

I have decided to allow an additional submission of the second Scavenger Hunt (will be number 3 in blackboard) Рwhich you should complete after you review the marked-up PDF I uploaded for each of you.  It will be due the week we start class again.

Also – a number of you are still missing assignments – they must be uploaded ASAP.


Blackboard Uploads and Deadlines

The schedule has become a bit confused due to all of the holidays.  The two classes are also now out of sequence as the Wed/Friday class has met twice this week and the Tues/Thursday has not met at all.  We should all be back in sync in about a week.

Both classes are being given the same amount of time to complete assignments based on when they were first assigned.

To clarify deadlines- and uploads to blackboard.  All assignments are now listed on blackboard.  Please meet the following deadlines for submission.

Wed/Friday Class

  1.  Team Building Analysis PowerPoint        Due 10/7/2016
  2. Team Project & Zoning Presentation       Due 10/7/2016
  3. Individual Scavenger Hunt #1                      Due 10/7/2016
  4. Individual Scavenger Hunt #2 w/Ann      Due 10/7/2016
  5. Individual AutCAD Zoning Set                     Due 10/11/2016

Tue/Thurs Class

  1.  Team Building Analysis PowerPoint        Due 10/7/2016
  2. Team Project & Zoning Presentation       Due 10/7/2016
  3. Individual Scavenger Hunt #1                      Due 10/14/2016
  4. Individual Scavenger Hunt #2 w/Ann      Due 10/18/2016
  5. Individual AutoCAD Zoning Set                  Due 10/11/2016

For all team assignments only one member of the team is required to upload the presentation.  Please be certain to read and adhere to the requirements in Blackboard.


Current Assignments

There are three current active assignments as follows:

  1. Scavenger Hunt – tell three stories 1 per sheet
  2. Group Presentation – complete missing elements (I will be posting a checklist this weekend to help you)
  3. Individual Zoning Sheets in AutoCad –¬†while the group did the research together each of you is responsible for drawing your own AutoCAD zoning sheets. ¬†(will be posting a checklist for this as well.)

Quick Writing Assignment

Several teams in both classes are working on the following two sites:

219 JAY STREET, BROOKLYN 11201  (Block: 118 Lot: 1

146 CONCORD STREET, BROOKLYN 11201 (Block: 118 Lot: 6)

There is a proposal to cut of a piece of the large lot and add it to the smaller lot.

  • Each team – (including those not doing these sites) must write a short paragraph that argues why the zoning change should be granted.
  • As a second part of this assignment consider what images you might want to show at the community board meeting to support your argument.