Assignment for next class

As a group:

  • Please continually update your analysis as we go – also please complete the models – so that you understand your buildings
  • Identify your research / case study list – for example if you have a pool you need to do a case study on a pool.  If you have a specific type of facade you should do a case study on a similar facade.  For now just make a list of things the team needs to research and consider who wants to research each part.
  • Program Analysis – write up a list of spaces in the building and their approximate sizes.  For example 4 massage rooms 9 x 12, etc.  Identify every space in the building. Research the correct size of things in your building.
  • Structural/Mechanical/Core Locations – work out an integrated solution of where these elements might go.  It is OK to have options.
  • Research the correct size of both a freight and passenger elevator.

As an Individual:

  • In addition to the site plan, add at least one environs map and also the zoning map.  Format these on a 22 x 34 Title-block.  You will find a title-block you can use on the S: drive in our class directory.
  • In AutoCAD draw the structural grid and show the perimeter of your building.
  • Stair & Core Study. – Testing out different floor to floors you think will work – draw in AutoCAD both plan and section of stairs.  Show risers, runs and landing and dimensions.  You do not need handrails etc.
  • In addition to drawing the stair – look to layout some cores that include a stair, a mechanical shaft and an elevator.  You will later use this to see what might fit into your project drawings.

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