Current Assignments

There are three current active assignments as follows:

  1. Scavenger Hunt – tell three stories 1 per sheet
  2. Group Presentation – complete missing elements (I will be posting a checklist this weekend to help you)
  3. Individual Zoning Sheets in AutoCad – while the group did the research together each of you is responsible for drawing your own AutoCAD zoning sheets.  (will be posting a checklist for this as well.)

Quick Writing Assignment

Several teams in both classes are working on the following two sites:

219 JAY STREET, BROOKLYN 11201  (Block: 118 Lot: 1

146 CONCORD STREET, BROOKLYN 11201 (Block: 118 Lot: 6)

There is a proposal to cut of a piece of the large lot and add it to the smaller lot.

  • Each team – (including those not doing these sites) must write a short paragraph that argues why the zoning change should be granted.
  • As a second part of this assignment consider what images you might want to show at the community board meeting to support your argument.