Course coverage for Tuesday October 25th to Friday 28th

One of my responsibilities outside of the classroom is that of scholarship – a role that unfortunately will result in my missing classes this week as I will be presenting the work of our college in the Solar Decathlon at a national conference in Albuquerque New Mexico.  I have arranged class coverage as follows:

Class    Day                Time               Coverage by                     Topic

Btech3 Tues.          2:30-5:30     Alexander Aptekar       Revit / Stairs

Btech3 Wed.          11:30 – 2:30   Jieun Yang                  Revit / Stairs

Btech3 Thurs.        2:30-5:30      Jieun Yang                   Revit / Elevators

Btech3  Friday       11:30 – 2:30   Alexander Aptekar   Revit / Elevators

Both of the classes are at about the same place in the process of developing their buildings – having completed the grids of the buildings, foundation walls and concrete columns in the basement.  This includes the foundation slab as well and moving the base offset of the columns and foundation walls to match the thickness of the foundation slab – typically -6”.

To prepare for class try to add the following:

  • Solid Concrete Slab on Level 1
  • Concrete slab on metal deck for all other levels – Level 2 up to Roof

Class this week will focus on the development of vertical circulation including your elevators & stair cores and the mechanical shafts.  Hopefully when I return next week each team will have these located and drawn in their project files.  Remember to pay attention to the location of stairs, travel distance etc.  Each of you should have a minimum of two fire rated enclosed stairs and a third “celebratory” stair in the lobby that is not enclosed.  The celebratory stair does not have to connect to every floor but should facilitate good traffic flow in your buildings.

For now you can skip the addition of concrete beams supporting the first floor concrete slab and the steel columns and beams supporting the upper floors – we will do this when I return.

You should also begin to think about where walls will go on the floor plans – but please do not draw them yet.

I will check email and our OpenLab website when I can –

Sorry that I am not there with you this week –

Prof. King

Late Assignments Notice

Please submit any missing assignments ASAP.

There is a limit for late submission after which the grade will stand as an F.  While each deadline is different an assignment generally can only be late by two classes – or 1 week.

If you submitted recent work late it may not yet be graded.  Remember all graded work is to be uploaded to blackboard and should include a PDF and the original files.