Sunday Posting Deadline – on Blackboard

The first deadline is geared toward looking to finish up sheets that can be substantially completed. The second deadline due just before the break ends will focus on new work.  I will post requirements for the second deadline separately.  You are posting mostly the same set you posted last week – but with some additions.

For Sunday look to complete the following:

  1. Complete the cover sheet – with the sheet list and 1-2 or more good 3D images of your building.  These can be isometrics or perspective view – interior and exterior views.
  2. Confirm the layout of your floor plans.  That means confirm the proper scale and the proper sheet size.  The sheets size cannot be smaller than 22 x 34 and the minimum scale of 1/8″.  Look to use a combination of these two that minimizes the number of sheets needed for each level.  Remember you exterior elevations and the two main building sections should be the same scale.
  3. Look to make your first attempt to add door schedules to at least one of your floor plans.  Work out the format so you can use the same layout on all of your floors.
  4. All plans should have external dimension strings for all the column grids.
  5. Complete the structural set.  This includes the plans from the basement to the roof, and two structural framing sections.  To create the sections I recommend you copy the two main building sections and adjust their display by applying the structural framing template. 


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