Re-submission of work and late policy

I was asked by more than one student if they could re-submit work to improve their grades.  I have a simple policy when it comes to this request –

In most cases the answer is no – you need to meet the deadline for each assignment and you cannot resubmit.  The reason is simple.  If you asked me to resubmit to improve your grade then it would require me to be fair to everyone in the class and allow everyone to resubmit.  With 22 students in each class and 15-30 minutes of grading time for each depending upon the assignment each round of grading takes me 6-12 hours – for each class I teach.  With other responsibilities this means it can easily take me a week or an entire weekend to grade one assignment for one class and I typically teach 2-3 classes a semester.

If however there are special circumstances (for example if a student has a medical issue that affected their ability to complete an assignment or an unexpected emergency occurred) then late assignments are often accepted with no penalty.  This happens on a case by case basis and often I reach out to the student directly when I am aware there is an issue.  (remember to always communicate with me)

If your assignment is late within an hour of the submission I typically do not penalize the grade. If however you are a day or more late the grade is typically lowered – for example an A- becomes a B+.

The strictness of this policy is based on my desire that you come into class well rested and not work until 3 in the morning – too exhausted to learn the next day.  Additionally late work often delays what we are doing in class that day.

If your assignment is over a week late and there are no special circumstances – then it often will not be accepted and will receive a failing grade.

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