Professor Montgomery | OL65 | Fall 2020


Coming into this class at first I was a bit nervous concerned about how I will do and if I would understand the material. After taking this class with prof Montgomery all of the fears went away. He does a great job teaching and explaining all of the material. He takes his time to explain any questions or confusion a student may have. Even though it had to be an online course it was fairly easy to follow through because of how clear he wrote down all of our assignment. This is a very difficult class to take and understand but the professor really helped all of us throughout and made sure we all did our very best.

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  1. Armanda Kalavaci

    When I first started the class I was exited but at the same time nervous for the fact that there where a lot of new things to discover and I didn’t know if I was able to complete assignments in the way the course and Professor required. I was surprised and felt more confident because Professor Montgomery teaches more thought the boundaries of the subject of the day. He explains us methods even comparing with real live examples, which is more understandable for every student to my opinion. Another factor that I really appreciate in the class is the groups weekly presentation, since it make students more active and being able to communicate their knowledge and share ideas without hesitation.
    Communication and drafting are key features in every Architectural class but mostly here in Building Tech. so being able to discuss and interact even with Professor when class is over and we have doubts is definitely the best support each student needs, especially during this pandemic time. I am happy there features were part of our class because it make me do better in the course and grow my knowledge.

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