Taught by Jacob Aplaca

Rough Draft of Unit 3 Artist’s Statement Due Wednesday, 11/29, for Peer Review

Please bring a complete rough draft of your Artist’s Statement to class on Wednesday, 11/29.

You may bring your draft to class either as a printed copy OR on a laptop/tablet. Do not bring your draft on your phone.

We will be completing a peer review activity on Wednesday in class. Remember that you receive points for participating in the peer review activity. If you do not show up, you do not get the points.

Note that we will be back in our regular classroom on Wednesday. See the following handout that we went over in class, which covers everything we will be doing in class during these final weeks of the semester: The Final Push: What You Need to Do Before the End of the Semester.

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  1. Albert

    I would like to talk about why I wanted to learn about the homelessness topic and why it became interesting to me. So basically the homelessness topic became interesting to me because when I came to the United States for the first time I saw the there was a lot of people living in the streets and also asking for food, and I saw them In a bad situation, dirty clothes and with bad smell, so I didn’t understand why these people were living like that in that situation. After a while I kept seeing people in the same conditions in the streets, so I really wanted to know why these people were living like that so I started investigating on the internet the reasons why people end up living in the streets.Initially my purpose of making these project was to inform the public the reasons that can get you in that position in life, like what things can get you living in the streets and how can u end up being homeless. The reason why I wanted to inform people about this topic is because they could take that as a example to not let themselves get into that situation, also because they would know what things can probably make them become homeless, so they wouldn’t try doing anything bad to put their life in danger or their future. The audience I would like to use to direct this information is by using twitter X, I would like to make a post on twitter and explain the people the situation of homelessness. I would like to do it on twitter X because I know a lot of people be on their phones 24/7, so I know a lot of people would actually see it and maybe read it, and if they do read it they gonna know what can get them in a homeless situation, so they would take my information as a example to not do things that can get them in that position.The strategies that I’m going to use so people can reach my purpose is that I am going to talk about how bad it is to be living in the streets, with no money, no food, no job and sleeping in the floor, not having a place where to stay it would’ve be really uncomfortable, because I know those people that are living in the streets are having a really hard time when it’s raining or snowing, they are going to be cold and they can get sick. So if I use this strategy a lot of people would try their best to not get in that homeless situation, because they see the difficulty of living in that condition.Honestly I chose this genre so the people who read or see my writing they could understand what I’m trying to explain and understand the meaning of my story. The process I went through to finish it I had to think what I was going to write. Also I was thinking what genre should be good to use, like in a way people could understand the message I’m trying to give. I honestly didn’t ask no one for help to complete this because I know everything I have to do and I understand it, and I didn’t even panic writing my purpose so I was just thinking and writing because it’s kinda easy. Now that I finished doing it I think it came out pretty good because I explained everything well in a way that people can understand it, and I think it was easy to do it because I kinda knew what I was going to write about. I feel good about completing this project as a college student because I’m learning about new stuffs, I’m learning how to write and read better.

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