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Twelfth Post of the Semester (A Tentative Proposal for Unit 3)

For your post assignment over the weekend, you must write a short *tentative* proposal for your Unit 3 assignment.

First, make sure that you closely re-read the prompt for Unit 3:

Second, review this handout that we went over in class:

Third, explore these examples for some inspiration. Note that these examples are not exhaustive!

Finally, write a proposal of at least 200 words outlining what you plan to do for Unit 3.  This proposal should cover the following:

  • A 1-2 sentence statement of how you want to influence your audience. Do you want to teach them something specific? Do you want to change the way they think about a specific issue or topic? Do you want to motivate them to do something? Be as specific as possible, and think about WHY you want to do this.
  • The audience you are trying to reach. Again, be as specific as possible.
  • The genres that seem to you most well-suited for your purpose. Make sure you EXPLAIN why you find these genres especially appropriate.
  • A plan–-How do you intend to get started? What will be your FIRST STEP?
  • Anything you might be worried about. What are your concerns about finishing this project?

Post your tentative proposal by Monday, 11/13, TWO HOURS BEFORE the start of class.


  1. Olivia P

    I plan to create an Instagram carousel about overthinking from my Unit 3 project. My main goal will be to inform my audience about the effects of overthinking and how it can be detrimental to people’s mental health. I want to help people understand its effects as well as provide different strategies as to how an individual can overcome them. The target audience that I will be trying to reach is young adults aged 18-30 who struggle with overthinking due to stress caused by school, relationships, and/or stressful jobs. I think an Instagram carousel is the most suited genre for my topic for multiple reasons. The first is that Instagram is mostly used by younger people between 18-30 years old which is perfect because that’s the audience I’m trying to reach. Also by creating an Instagram carousel, I can add different pictures and quotes about overthinking so that when people are swiping through it, they can relate to it. Something that I am worried about is how I’m going to incorporate everything that I need in only a few slides. I want to make sure I put enough so that people can learn different strategies on how they can overcome overthinking but I don’t want to put too much so that people get bored of reading it and will want to scroll away. 

  2. Roheemot

    My goal for this assignment will be to enlighten my audience on how their online presence can affect the way they perceive themselves and also educate them on certain strategies that can be taken to navigate their way around social media in an healthy and positive manner. The target audience I would be trying to reach are youths and young adults because they are more vulnerable to the potential negative effect of social media on their mental well-being and also because they are at a stage in life where they are still developing their sense of self. I think an Instagram carousel is the most well-suited genre for my topic because it is visually engaging and this will make my audience relate better with the message I am trying to pass across. Additionally, Instagram has a high user base among young people, making it a platform where they are likely to encounter and engage with my content. To get started with this project, I would plan out the content and structure of my carousel by brainstorming on the different slides I want to include and also decide the order of the slides and how they will flow together to pass across my message effectively. My concern about this project is how I am going to create a visually engaging content because I have no graphic design knowledge and creating a visually appealing content is a key factor to gaining the attention of my target audience. 

  3. angel

    For the Unit 3 assignment, I plan to be doing an infographic. My goal for this assignment will be to tell and show my audience on how important teens and childrens mental health is. I want to influence my audience to have a better understanding of what’s been going on, and how these numbers have been increasing drastically. The target audience I would be trying to reach would be parents, teachers, and the youth in our society. The reason for parents and teachers is because they are capable of changing things up for the youth in order to have a positive shift, which can help their mental health. For youth, who have such power in social media, awareness can be created for those struggling and forming mental health disorders/issues. I believe an infographic would be a great visualization towards my audience as it would demonstrate the number of how many teens and children’s suffer with mental health problems, opening our eyes to the bigger picture. Adding on, infographics have over a 60% rate of having a positive impact of learning and influencing people. To get started with this project, I will first gather up resources and numbers showing the percentages and facts of teens and children’s mental health crisis. Finally, I will also be looking for a readable and smooth infographic template that will help reach my audience and offer them a significant experience.

  4. Winson Chen

    For my unit 2 assignment, I plan on creating an infographic. What I intended to do is to teach the audiences about virtual reality, such are their benefits. The reason I chose to use infographics is because the subject, virtual reality, is an advanced technology that is still improving by the day. This means that virtual reality will side toward the informative side. This makes the infographic very suitable. I want to create an infographic where it is detailed, but at the same time organized, easy to read, and short. This way the readers won’t find it to be boring. Some of the audience would be school students, young adults and adults might be interested in technology. This means that the infographic has to be interesting and should be about to make the audiences interested. Students and adults may like information but many others, especially students, like to read something that is shorter. As for how I will be starting it, I want to first organize the information that I know I would be putting on there. Next, I will categorize it with its own subtitles. This will make the overall structure easy to read. At the same time, I will try to shorten the information. One of my worries would be that I might have some hard time picking what information to put into the infographic because I personally lean toward the informative side so I tend to put a lot of information into something. So I will have to choose what to include and what to not include.

  5. Nicholas Buxo

    For my unit 2 assignment, I plan to make a brochure. My aim for the brochure will be to inform my audience on the different effects of streetlights and how they influence crime rates in their areas. My target audience is definitely adults who are concerned for their safety at night. Around the ages of 20-35. I believe an informative brochure is best suited for my genre because I feel it will be very descriptive and compact. It will be an impactful summary that will stick with its readers. I also plan to make my brochure visually appealing which will keep my audience interested. I’m going to insert colorful images and statistics to start. Finally, for concerns, one of them is the organization of my brochure. I don’t it to be just a bunch of information that doesn’t capture my audience’s attention.

  6. Andrew

    IN unit 3 I tend to do a podcast.My plan is to change the way people think about mental health and also inform them that it is a serious issue and shouldn’t be overlooked.Also i wanna motivate change of mental health so that we all stand together and help each other out.I wanna influence the people who suffer from mental health that they stand up try to make a change and accept that there are in need in help and not in denial to go for help because if we want change then we going have to fight for it I wanna be apart and influence them.Also I wanna inform parents,friends,doctors that everyone could suffer from mental health and don’t matter who it is because every could throw a big smile but could fake it.Also I wanna change on how mental health is view because isn’t be overlooked or the people who suffer from shouldn’t get stigmatized ether.We wanna help them not make there problems even worse.My plan to get started is to get more research where i could talk about and also I wanna talk to people who suffer from mental health for i could get there side of the story on how they feel or if they feel supported.My worries is that procrastination is going to hit me heavy but also that i won’t do it as good because I never did a podcast before.  

  7. Josh

    In my Unit 3 assignment I propose to influence my audience by using infographics and pieces of graphic journalism. Yes, the specific thing I want to teach time is the positives and negatives of inflation and policies used by economists to keep it under control. The goal is to inform them and make them think differently about inflation, rather than just having the jist idea that inflation is the increase of price on products/goods and services but a deeper understanding of what it really is along with the fact that it doesn’t just happen but we consumers influence the market as well as economists. I want to do this because it’ll put our society/community at an advantage to know how pricing works and why inflation is affecting us so significantly right now especially with all that’s going on such as war/issue of Hamas & Israel, stuff like that influence inflation other than just the main reasons know as demand and cost push. The audience I will be reaching is high schoolers and college students, I find the genre infographics to be very appropriate for my audience because it’ll keep them attentive, and knowing my topic is going to be mainly factual it only serves right to present the information in this format/structure. I intend to get started by doing my research then using Canva to organize the pictures, and facts, and develop a grasping look for the infographics show that’ll really appeal to my audience, there’s nothing I’m really worried about, to be honest though, I know this project will probably take time and lots of patience.

  8. Albert.Almanzar

    For my unit 3 proposal I would like to talk to people about the homelessness situation by using a instagram reel or post or a X post because a lot of people are going to see, because a lot of people be using those apps and they be on the internet a lot in their free time so I think it would be a good idea to use one of these apps to influence my audience about the homelessness situation. I would like to teach these people how a person can get into that situation like how a person end up being homeless, also I would teach them what these homeless people be doing every day, like their life routine and all of that. My purpose of this proposal is that I want these people to listen and learn about homelessness because that would be a good example for them not to end up in that situation, and they would know what not to do so they can take care of themselves. My plan to start spreading this audience would be like start talking to people about the topic and all of that so they can understand the struggle and how bad is to be in that situation. Something I would be worry about is how people would take my thoughts and the things that I know about the homelessness situation because some people probably see the situation in a different way as me so they probably are not going to be by my side or respect my opinion.

  9. Evelyn Rosales

    The audience that I’m really trying to focus on, on this Unit 3 assignment, is young teens and adults who spend the majority of their day on social media. Since there are a lot of teens who go through that, I just want to teach them more about how bad social media affects them in many different ways. I want to motivate them to spend less time on social media and spend more time on focusing on real in person activities. I know that it may be hard to do that because even for myself it’s hard but I still try to spend less time on my phone. I find this topic very appropriate because I feel like now especially teens don’t realize how bad social media really is to their mental and physical health as well, and it’s a topic that they should learn more information about. My first step in this Unit 3 assignment is that since I’m going to be doing an infographic for my topic, the site that I’m going to be using in order to create my infographic is canva, so I want to explore more about it and learn how to use it. And as of right now i don’t have any concerns about finishing this project.

  10. Kevin Nunez

    I plan to talk about why people abuse their power since in this world it feels like it goes unnoticed when it happens. Whether it be world leaders to your own family members. I want to teach how to spot the signs of someone being abused so it may be stopped. And not just teach the signs but also help you understand why someone would abuse their power because nobody does anything for no reason. Nobdy abuses their power for no reason. That person is most likely going through something or is experiencing that themselves. These are things I want people to understand. The type of people who I want to understand are victims of abuse, or people being bullied. I plan to teach this using a listicle. A listicle gives straight forward info and examples without being too confusing and easy to understand. It gives pictures and sources relating to the topic. I’m using the listicle on winter weather as my example. The only thing I’m worried about writing this listicle is how much information to put on each slide. If it’ll be too much or too little or if my target audience will be able to understand what im trying to say. 

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