Protests at Brooklyn College

Those of you following the protests surrounding the SOTUS confirmation of Kavanaugh may have missed this local development:

Let’s pay attention to the effects of the protests and talk more about this next week. Too often students think their voice doesn’t matter but public dissent can have real effects.


2 thoughts on “Protests at Brooklyn College

    1. Nora Almeida Post author

      Raises an interesting question about how framing something as “satirical” and trying to shift the context of the (toxic-male) comments into the realm of performative fiction potentially changes their meaning. Although, if this Prof gets fired, think the salient message will be that student protests can actually create real change. Counter argument in favor of free speech can (and will) be made. Also of note is the Prof’s status. Looks like he already has Tenure and that will likely play a role in insulating him from punitive actions.


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