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From the perspective of Golan space was described as a place for the people to relax and a place to express their opinion. According to Golan, “We enter into those spaces to become someone different and we leave that space with a new story of who we are (72).” A space simply is location where we could essentially become a different person. It a sense of not just relaxing, but a place to express ourselves within the restriction of the space.


Van Heeswijk described a space to be for the community and molded to serve the community. Van Heeswijk stated, “Yet at the center of these processes, and especially at sites of contestation cultural intervention are often the only way through which public engagements in these processes can be generated.” It gave space a sense of belonging and where people could gather within in their own neighborhoods. They could not just be home but have a bonding moment with the community.


Lastly, Frack and Haung chose to a specific public space known as Zuccotti Park. A well-known space where there are political gatherings to voice our freedom of speech. Before it was space for opinions it was once a home for those who had no where else to go. Frack and Haung mentioned, “In early October, tents began to appear and eventually, when most of the park was taken up with tents place close together its appearance changed to that of densely settled encampment, with a narrow, crowded pathway that became ever less welcoming and difficult to maneuver (14).” The rules and atmosphere of the park changed to the point it became a new identity. It was a new place that people who wanted to find a space to relax could no longer do. It was now a home and made people feel like an intruder versus a visitor.


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  1. Nora Almeida

    Thinking about the relationships you draw between the three readings, I wonder how the “new identity” of a place might also give shape to new kinds of communities or new types of self expression?-NA


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