Internship Journal Entry #4

So far in this internship even though I am personally not interested in Web Design, I still am learning a lot of things and experiencing things that will help benefit me in my career. I am becoming more familiar with what exactly it is like build yourself and your own career once you graduate school. Taradash was telling me about how she came to establish a name for herself. She told me about her first jobs as an artist as well as her first studio spaces when she started out on her own. These were interesting things to take note of since it will give me an idea of what living as an artist is like as well as tips to better establish a name for myself.  In terms of a typical day for this internship, how it would go is that we would meet up at one of our common locations and we would talk about her website we are trying to redesign. Next we would toss around ideas to each other about the layout photos that should be included, ideas on about the artist, things that should be on the main page etc. Then Daniel and I would sit down and work together to try to narrow things down. We decided that between Daniel and I that I would be more responsible for the aesthetic and design of the layout for the site and he would handle the coding for it.

Internship Journal Entry #3

The workspace of my internship varies almost every time we meet up. There are times we meet at the school, or her studio, or even her apartment. But the overall feeling and vibe of the environments we have been in are relaxed and welcoming. We meet up at whatever time is convenient for all of us and we can come dressed however we feel comfortable. As far as breaks or lunch we can take any kind of unofficial breaks throughout the day. While obviously not for too long and not getting too side tracked, we are able to handle the break situation pretty easily. We usually work anywhere between 2 – 5 hours in a day.

Intership Journal Entry #2


My role in this internship with Professor Taradash, is me working along with her and one of her former interns Daniel Rodriguez to establish and assist her with her career essentials. For example, one of the main things we will be working on this semester is rebuilding and modernizing her website. I managed to develop a connection with Professor Taradash by first being in her Life Drawing class 2 years ago. Then by also assisting her with setting up the student show in the Grace Gallery for the past few semesters. I then signed up for her 3D Design class last Spring and she then stated that she had interns for that semester. After that class I asked her if she was holding interns for the Fall, and since we already had a close connection I thought that it would be appropriate to ask. I was lucky enough to acquire the internship with her just by asking because we have already worked together for the past 2 years almost. However even though all I had to do was ask, it took some time to build up the confidence to ask her since I didn’t know what the internship would require. I am about 2 weeks into my internship right now and it is going very well so far.


Internship Journal Entry #1

This semester I am interning with one of my professors here at City Tech, Meryl Taradash. She teaches Foundation and Figure Drawing as well as 3D Design at City Tech. So far she just has her studio here in Brooklyn that is filled with an array of sculptures, studies, and drawings she has done throughout her life. Over the years, she has been expanding herself and her name to other artists and art collectors. Right now she is privately managing herself with her work and where it is being displayed.  Taradash has been promoting her sculptures for decades now and has had her work featured in many locations and media outlets. Some news sources where she was mentioned are The Daily News, The Washington Times, and Sculpture Magazine. Some of the places her work has been installed at and on display are Fordham University NYC Campus, Long Island Children’s Museum, Art Museum of University of California, and Jacksonville Art Musuem. This semester I will be working with Taradash on a variety of projects ranging from redesigning her website to working with her in her studio. I will also be working with another student, Daniel Rodriguez who was her intern from last semester to help restructure the design of her website as well as help out with any other design and art related projects she has going on.

Something I look forward to seeing at the Cooper Hewitt

One of the main things that I would have looked forward to seeing at the Cooper Hewitt would have been all of the unique color patterns and compositions in the museum. I really like seeing color and it really can attract my attention to something. I would have liked to see just how the different artisits used and mixed the colors together in their compositions in their own unique way.