Blog Post #6: Networking in the City

I’ve come to find that New York has quite an interesting Game Development scene, despite hearing that it wasn’t that prominent. The event I went to was with an organization called the International Game Development Association, which has multiple locations. So since I was closest to the New York City chapter, I figured I would try to sign up for one of their meet-and-greet events happening near Union Square.

When I got there, I went inside and the event was taking place at an Italian restaurant right next to the park. I was only the second person to arrive when I met Olga Polukhina, a freelance environmental artist and one of the board members for the IGDA New York City chapter. We chatted over food about how we got into the industry as more people arrived and eventually we exchanged information and went our separate ways. I definitely enjoyed that talk that night and got to meet lots of interesting people, and when I find out about another event happening, I look forward to possibly seeing them again.