Hi There!

Hi there! My name is Aaron and this is my Graphic Design e-Portfolio page!

My current course of study is Communication Design, though I would specifically like to concentrate on the study of Illustration, Animation, and Game Design. This interest began to truly take route when I was still in high school. As a kid, I had always loved playing video games, but high school was my first exposure to actually making a video game that I could play. From there, I been working with learning code and the basics of Game Design with hope for further improvement.

My inspiration for my passion for games would be probably be my childhood growing up. Video games were always a fascinating activity for me and I always enjoyed playing them, but then there were moments while playing where I would wish I could change the rules a little, or let the main character have this new power or weakness. Having control over what happens in a game world is most likely the most alluring part of why I want to become a Video Game Designer.