Blog Post #7: Making Connections

For this event, I was somewhat excited to go not just for the networking, but also for the platform that the games where being presented on. This time, I was traveling to a game dev expo happening in lower Manhattan at the Samsung 837 store where developers throughout the city would be showing their new or developing games. When I arrived, the beginning of the event started off with talks from various developers about how their games worked and what they had hoped to improve about them. Once this part ended, the audience was allowed to test and play their games for the rest of the night.

During that time, I did help myself to enjoying some of the games and even managed to get a chance to talk to some of the developers. I asked them questions about their process for developing their games and how they got where they were in their career because I wanted to see what I could learn to help propel myself in my career and see how I could develop myself as a designer.