Blog Post #2: Working with the Team

So now that I’ve started working within the company, I have a good feel for the workflow of the project. The person currently in charge of supervising my work is a man named Stephen Jacot. He checks over the rough drafts I submit for the concept work to make sure they are in top shape.

So in terms of how I made contact with this job site, I found them on Indeed while job hunting, and when they first reached out, they asked me to send my portfolio and my resume. After I hadn’t heard back from them in a while, I tried to see if there were other ways to contact them, so I looked up all of their platforms and found them in several places including their company site, LinkedIn, Twitter, and even Facebook. Once I managed to get some solid contact with them, we had a phone interview where they asked me questions about what made me want to join their company and what I hoped to get out to the experience.