Visual Quote Project

Final Draft #1

first apple picture


In this version of my final draft, I wanted to focus on a simple approach to the idea of apples being consumed for one’s health. So I tried playing with the figure/ground relationship between the apple and the rest of the page by causing the center contrast to direct the reader to the quote.


Final Draft #2

second apple picture


This version of my final draft holds symbolism between both apples and doctors by using a green apple and medical pills. I intentionally made the first text heavier to emphasize the point of eating an apple every day, which causes the pills to be launched off on the other side of the page.


Final Draft #3

third apple picture


I wanted to take a more playful angle with this version by presenting each side of the quote as a fighting game character. The composition shows the apple standing victorious while the doctor figure, which I colored white because it symbolized cleanliness and is often associated with doctors, is laying on the ground. I also made it seems as if the apple had achieved an overwhelming victory to further support the quote.