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Water Collide

What I love about this photo is how the both water from different cups comes together. With fast shutter speed, we were able to capture the details of the water. The overall image create a sense of symmetrical. With the … Continue reading

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Lost Dog

  Our group decided to do something different when we’re capturing the mood of sadness. We experimented many ways but it wasn’t working out. We tried different angles placement of the camera. None was successful. Until my partner got tired … Continue reading

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DIY Studio

Building a lighting studio can be a challenging. First thing that popped into my mind is how much will it cost to make one? Second thing that popped into my mind is where will I put it? After moving things … Continue reading

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Egg Shot

Today we are dealing studio lighting with having an egg our models. What i love about this photo is that its placed in the center. The reflection of the egg was casted due to the light and the table that … Continue reading

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Gallery Exhibit

After exploring multiple gallery exhibit, I realize how every artist/photographers has their own unique style in capturing their work of art. From the Aperture Foundation with Rectangular Square to Classic Images to 303 Gallery, there was a large range of … Continue reading

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Portrait Lighting – The strongest about this image is how the background light was set up for the model. It was able to separate the model from the background. The fill light seem pretty strong because the darker area is … Continue reading

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  For today class, we were dealing with photography composition. In this image, the composition is converging lines (perspective). The image clearly demonstrate the strong idea of perspective due to the converging of the path of lights.  With the image … Continue reading

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Homework 1

Being an art director, it’s our responsibility to give out criticism to other people works. I am in charge of fixing up the sales for The Honda FCX Clarity because recently, the sales hasn’t been that for-filling to the company. … Continue reading

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Chris Collins Baby Portrait

  In Chris Collins’ photography of the baby, he uses side light. It’s clear that the camera placement is directly placed in front of the baby model and while the lighting is placed  on the side of the baby position. … Continue reading

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