Homework 1

Being an art director, it’s our responsibility to give out criticism to other people works. I am in charge of fixing up the sales for The Honda FCX Clarity because recently, the sales hasn’t been that for-filling to the company. In my opinion, this is all because of the way they advertise their car. From looking at their history of advertisement, its clearly shown that most of their photography is just plain looking. Nothing that is shown are appealing to the viewers. The photo are just straight forward, not must creativity put into it. In order to fix their issue, they have to be more creative in their advertisement. To begin with, hire a new photographer.

Since the previous photographer wasn’t working, it’s best to get a new one. I feel like Tim Wallace will be a perfect photographer for the Honda FCX Clarity. Majority of his photo are very dramatic. Dramatic photo will often capture people attention. In Wallace’s photo, majority of his image are very sharp. Allowing the viewer to see all the fine details of the cars. So it’s a good idea to make the image very sharp since it allows the viewer to see the beauty within the product. Also his image capture a very large range of high contrast. Which cause the image to be so dramatic since majority of the area remains dark as well as some area with light and middle gray. His camera angle technique is varies. There’s some that are taken at a low angle view causing the car to look superior; as well as eye level. There are few image that were captured from a high angle. Different camera angle will create a difference feeling toward the image/product. In terms of space, Wallace’s was able to demonstrate shallow space. Most of his images are captured in a way that we see the product to be very close in depth. So in my opinion, Tim Wallace will be a great photographer for The Honda FCX Charity advertisement. Wallace’s was able to bring out the beauty of the product in a way that it capture the viewers attention. It’s dramatic whether than having the image to be plain looking.

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  1. rmichals says:

    If you want to make the car look beautiful then Wallace is the right choice.

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