HW: 1

The Honda FCX Clarity so far has not been receiving the kind of interest other cars on the market have received.  Honda is leading the way for cars of the future. “Inferior” is how the majority of the public views this specific auto mobile. The FCX Clarity is also less destructive to the environment then other vehicles on the road today. My job as art director is to bring the Honda FCX Clarity into a new light. A new light that will encourage people to race to their nearest car dealership and get this wonderful new car. For the upcoming campaign I’m looking for photos that appear electrifying and that give an environmental feel to these new advertisements.

The photographer I’ve enlisted to help with this project is Clint Clemens. In regards to his photos with cars in them, motion seems to be present in a majority of them. Electrifying motion is what we are definitely looking for. He also has on display various images with cars in open areas. Clemens has selective focus in some of his photos. This allows the viewer to focus on the car itself, which brings out in great detail the physical characteristics  of each car. I would describe the tone of his photos as high key. The reason why is because of the sunlight in the background is the main source of light. His photos appear to be at eye-level, the viewer isn’t looking down at it or looking up at it, but we coming towards us. There is also backlit light. The light is behind the subject and leaves a shadow in front of the car.

Mr. Clemens brings life to his photos compared to other other photographer I viewed. He seems to use natural sunlight in a great way which gives great focus to cars. I believe Clemens is the best person to show off Honda’s FCX Clarity and I look forward to working with him.


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  1. rmichals says:

    Clemens is a good choice but I am not convinced by your argument. “A new light” is pretty vague. Clemens is your photographer if you want to convince the consumer that the Honda is as fast as a car that burns only gas.

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