Journal Entry #6

The other day, I had a meeting with my internship professor and she brought a lot of information to my attention. I was provided with a lot of different sites to continue my search. She mentioned an internship with Brooklyn Navy Yard and how it would b a good fit for me. The only difference is that this internship is during the summer. I’ve done my research on them and it would be a perfect opportunity for me especially since there is a possibility that I could be hired afterwards for my great work. This alone could open doors for me and if I’m hired, I’m given a great head start in life. So overall, I’m really excited and patiently waiting to receive a response from them. Just in case, she also introduced me to bunch of different sites to check out for when my time at City Tech comes to an end.

Meanwhile, in my internship this week, Frank want to take another step with his instagram. I’ve helped with making connections with other clients and trainers, but now he wants to implement quotes onto his instagram. I think it’s a good idea as a lot of businesses tend to do this on their social media, but I think we should do it differently. I think it would be best to stand out if we were to implement quotes from famous boxers from different eras to promote our brand.