Journal Entry #5

For this upcoming week, I have some new tasks to handle. I’ve been working with Raul for a while now and he’s having me assist in his growth on Instagram and his other social media handles. So far we decided on expanding his reach and we’ve made some success. I thought it would a great idea for him to make connections with other trainers on Instagram and they could promote each other. Another method we tried was training more popular clients post content about Raul and what he can provide to consumers. This along with the usual work they give made this interest a lot more intriguing. I’m also learning quite a lot, business wise. despite this going well I do still want to pick up another internship. I’v e been applying to place so now I’m just waiting for a reply. My professor brought to my attention that to this one summer internship that supposed to pay. That is most definitely going to be my next place to start applying.