Journal Entry #9

I must admit, my second Networking event was… completely different from the first one that i participated in. I couldn’t possibly put the two in the same category despite being both being set up by the same organization, AIGA. My first one was more documentary based while this one was centered around a specific person and called Coffee and Collab. The person of interest was Jingo M. de la Rosa, a distinguished designer and illustrator.

This session started of as a recap of his life and past works but changed along the way. I have to say this event felt a whole lot more personal. In the lat networking there was an extremely large amount of people in the meeting, while this one contained 10 to 12 people at most. There was a lot more interaction between us and the host. We were able to ask questions and learn a few quality lessons along the way. I felt like we really got to connect with each other. Jingo had to go through several challenges along the way and preserved, creating colorful books, attractive ads and appealing packaging.

He gave good information for us new and upcoming designers that  was really useful. I would say this event was well worth the time considering I learned so much. I along with the other attendees were even able to share contact information. A great experience overall.